August 19, 2008


Do we understand what’s happening around us?

Do we understand what the hell is happening to us?

I, for one, have a slight idea as to what the hell is happening to me. I understand what is happening around me as well. At least I think I do. The Buddha once noted that, “To understand everything is to forgive everything.” The question here is how much do we forgive. We marvel at the notion of understanding things and people and times and moods. So why don’t we exult at the thought of forgiving what doesn’t go according to our plans?

I believe that being an Indian might have a lot to do with the fine art of understanding and eventually forgiving. Ever since we take our first steps we are subjected to a life of co-existing. And by mutual existence I don’t mean living with difficult people around you. I mean the substandard constitution of life. There is no reason for half the things that happen to us. There is no real need to lead a life which is a half-life but yet we get so immune to it that nothing matters.

The reason why my brain is coming up with these strange notions is that how much I am supposed to understand for I’m tired of perhaps forgiving? There is no real reason for me to feel the blues but that seems to be flavor of the week. There is a certain sense of disparity that is engulfing my thought process. This is just an exercise to figure out who/ what/ why this is so. The fact that life is, as of now, looking like a flicker book made of morbid images isn’t a truly exciting idea!

As you’d be aware by now that I usually work on extremes, I did consider the polar opposite of my thought process. What is nothing is really wrong with the world and it’s just a point of view…we all know the thing about point of views, don’t we? This notion that I’m depressed could just be the extreme that is about to break on through to the other side! Hmm…and by some perverse logic, the bigger the problem the greater the pay-off!

I’m already forgiving me self for everything!

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