October 15, 2008

Space Monkey

They did put an ape in space, didn't they?

I always thought of that as the ultimate argument come back. Any time you seem to be losing the other person, try this for effect. Tell them, "
And I wonder how the hell did they put a monkey in space!?"

These days I have been grappling with some harsh realities. The way the world functions seems to be turning into a road less traveled. Some time ago I was extremely curious about stupid people and as a matter of fact blogged about it as well. Now these aren't stupid people we talking about. No. They are average people just like you and I yet they are different. They are people who will go about life more or less in manner extremely identical to yours or mine. In spite of everything normal life for them is nothing short of a herculean effort. Many of them pretend to be suffering so much so that you ask them to do simple things and they won't. Most of them will not let go of an opportunity to display their pain. They will try and avoid talking about. They will do everything in the realm of possibility to avoid making it simple.

Most of us are normal people. At least I am and I sincerely believe that the shortest distance between two points is a god damn straight line. In addition many of us are fixers who try and set everything right. I understand that it's a disgusting habit but hey to blame the condition these people are in on that little confession...I don't think so! In any case when we try and offer them solutions or try and help them for our sakes they further the agony for you. These people are just the kind of people Ayn Rand filled up reams with!

Don't they realize that whatever they do, a monkey has done it first!

Maybe these people have been possessed by the punctured souls of those four legged beasts floating in space. Otherwise why is that they behave like angry animals who were left behind and not selected for some project? Why do they pretend to be people who know it all and yet act surprised every time the same thing repeats itself?

Or is it just me?

Am I getting tired of people who just don't realize that they aren't the center of the world? I seem to be a idiot magnet at times. The only explanation I can think of is the one propagated by a friend. She summed it all up by saying that if these people stop being the way they are, they will cease to be. Their idiosyncrasies are just a ploy of adding some spice to life. Life for them in that case would become a long, endless and boring ordeal.

Come to think of it I can take this non-sense. Imagine if everyone were just like you. Or worse still if everyone was just like me.


What a scary thought!

Image courtesy- www.nasaexplores.nasa.gov

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