February 17, 2009

Midday's Children

I’m definitely pass the quarter life crisis and maybe it’s a little soon for midlife ranting. Yet every time I get out of the confines of my cocooned life there is a certain sense of anger that can’t help but hit me. Why is it that I feel this way? More importantly who the hell is responsible for it? I have come to realize that it’s the midday’s children. Sixty years since the tryst with destiny we may have come a full circle.


Look around and you’d see what I suggest. An entire generation of strange Indians has come into the forefront. Of course such people were always there but the sheer number scares me. Who are these people? This is a generation that will take us into the next whatever-it-is-that is touted as the next big thing. They are the one’s who will drive us to where-ever-the-hell-where-that-whatever-it-is-at.


Welcome to Gen-Y.


These are people who don’t give a darn about anything and yet are socially aware and culturally awake. They don’t mind paying a bribe for it’s a way of life and they question everything. They won’t allow foreign competition to take over and they will leave their mark on the global map. They will make their parents proud, their grandparents prouder and their colleagues jealous. They will chomp on chicken while praising the greens, they will sip Red Bull and confess that there’s no thirst quencher like water! They will worry about the environment while driving a monstrosity called an SUV; they will ponder on global warming while setting the knob on the A/C. They will never stop to question and no answer is good enough for them. They will, rightfully, take the Sri Ram Sene’s of the world to task by logically telling them they can’t stop their freedom of expression and when the Mutaliks of the world use the same asinine logic to get up they will call him a fascist. They outnumber any club, any association ergo they attract new members across social strata and age groups. They are just like us but only more adaptable to the changing times. They can’t argue to win so they transform. They will not co-exist; they will create their own ways of life.


In case you think I’m not making any sense, allow me to further illustrate my point. This is a generation that believes that one must overtake from the left. Ahh so now I have your attention. It helps that it’s undivided. Well, well, well…ain’t life fab!? I tried reasoning but you never listened but now that I have touched a nerve it’s nice to see ya agree! These are the people who will put the metal to the paddle it they see on coming traffic. They are the one’s who will try and sneak an inch or two from every possible and mostly impossible angle while waiting for lights to change.


My way of dealing with them?


Give them everything! They never want anything that they get and if they get all they can get, they will never want. To quote the high priestess of curry culture Meera Syal, they are more like the ones with the Why Factor! They will question everything and don’t bother replying for before they get an answer they are already on with the next one!  

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  • What worries me most is that the Y Culture not only spreads downwards to the next generations but upwards as well.
  • You have captured it perfectly... this phenomenon of Gen Y
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