February 25, 2010


Just when you think that the Haryana government can’t come up with some crazy they go all out and surprise you. Everyone from Sun Tzu to Charlie Brown have been urging us to think before we say, gauge before we jump but when it comes to official bodies in India they don’t waste time thinking even after some thing they done backfires. You see thinking is for dummies- why think when you can just do it and the opposite.

Gurgaon police has decided not to check any women drivers in the city. Considering that there is hardly been any case of any rash driving incident with a woman at the steering wheel there seems to be some scientific reason behind this rule. Police Chief Deswal believes that not checking women drivers would encourage them to drive more and as there are “hardly any cases of drink driving or speeding by women, as per (our) records”, this would in turn make the roads safer. I have always maintained that women are safer drivers then men and had even blogged about it way back in 2007 (read it here). Of course, this was before the emergence of Nooriya Haveliwala but I still stand by my belief that women are generally safer drivers.

I’m all too impressed with this initiative. This small step of Gurgaon police is going to be one giant leap for motorists across the city. Think about it- all you need to steer clear (no pun intended) from the greasy traffic cops who are out there primarily to milk you dry is to swap seats with your lady friend. Besides looking cooler with a woman driving the car you don’t have to worry about carrying documents, updating the meaningless-but-cost-you-dearly-if-updated pollution certificates! What’s more you will never be late for any meetings as the woman in the car can merrily jump red signals for no cop will ever come in her way. More over you will always find parking space as the eager parking lot attendants would go out of their way to procure space for her; here I mean the car in good humor!

The police’s major concern is that parents shouldn’t start handing out four-wheelers to under-aged girls. Hmm…yes that’s true but if an entire law can be based on assumptions then police don’t need to worry as under-age driving isn’t some thing that girls fancy; thankfully this is still a boy’s prerogative. Ladies please don’t get me wrong for this ain’t sexist at all. There is great data like police complaints and emergency room medical reports to support that underage driving is still a boys’ domain.

Boys shouldn’t worry for the police isn’t taking away the one sure shot tool to look cool. The world knows how difficult it is to study and get good grades impress the gals! We also don’t want under-age girls to drive for then they will indulge in under-age drinking and then it might lead to under-age activities which would then result in under-age medical complications….wait a minute….this isn’t the point of concern here.

It’s ironic that a state that leads in female foeticide (62,000 sex-selective abortions between 1996-98) now wants to encourage men to follow a good thing done by women! Talk about a full circle. Uncle Deswal is in a hurry to make up and has ensured that this rule will extend to women drivers who drive in Gurgaon from Delhi and other parts of the NCR. Come to boom town for the party’s on!

But don’t go all out while celebrating.

Deswal still doesn’t want you to yak on the phone while driving. He has asked “the traffic police to educate women found using mobile phones while driving. And Deswal doesn’t want a repeat of Nooriya here in Gurgaon and has insisted that that if the case is serious then no leniency would be displayed no matter what which woman hit the pedal to the metal. I have since updated the grand list of ambiguous statements made by people in high places and can’t help but ask who the hell will define serious!

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  • I have great regard for my lot, but honestly, most women drivers still scare the hell out of me!!!
    And, by the way, I would much rather get some respite on taxation rather than driving!!!
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